Workflow – Artboards

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 10.31.02 PM

My workflow is something I often take for granted. And then KA-POW something comes along, be it simple or complex, that causes me to reevaluate my creative workflow.

More often than not it’s something that changes for the positive. Most of the time its an amazing new (to me) innovation in Creative Cloud that makes the heavens part and the chorus sing in my head. This time it was something that was something dating back to CS4, multiple artboards.

Saving and re-saving different versions of finalized files would cause my folder sizes to swell. But in fiddling with new export settings in CC (specifically “Export for Screens”), I stumbled across this concept. One document, multiple artboards each housing a different variation of the file.

I encourage anyone to look at older tutorials, you never know the gems you’ll uncover.

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